If not, it’s still good to mention your highest qualifications, such as GCSE’s, A-Levels or a degree. Vocational qualifications, such as a first-aid certificate or short-course, can also be included if they’d be beneficial to the job. A poorly written CV will fail to impress recruiters and employers.

Do not use a template email for every remote job you apply for. Thoroughly go through the job listing and highlight required skills, experience and personality traits. Gun.io exclusively places professional freelancers in a variety of technical roles.


Whether you are looking to progress your career into the accounting world, or looking to break into the industry as a newcomer. If you have to move or cancel a job interview, you can always get in touch with the hiring team and they will reschedule if necessary. Get informed about the company, our culture and the responsibilities your role will cover. We recommend you reviewing the job ad before your interview, so you have a clear picture of what will be expected from you.

  • A home-worker might work for a company in another city or even another country, or have clients from around the world.
  • In the case of Covid-19, many workers and organisations have faced uncertainty and this can have a negative effect on workers’ health, safety and wellbeing.
  • This information may also be used as input variables in Graduateland’s backend solution designed for employers and universities.
  • However, it’s better for CEOs with decades of experience to list the five most recent roles relevant to the job you’re applying for and ignore your first experience as a cashier.

If you need help writing a cover letter, exploring job interview questions and answers, and crafting the best resumes and CVs, look no further. With Styling CV resume templates, you can mention your hard skills and show your expertise level. For example, beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert.

Best Remote Job Boards to Hire Remote Workers

If you need to, make a new one just for your job applications. So, I’ve put together this part-time job CV guide, which will help you create an effective CV and land those all-important interviews. HR-Inform has easy-to-use, downloadable templates to help you establish your own flexi-time, homeworking, and flexible working policies. If you’re unwell, take leave and do your best to give an update or handover on urgent work. As a manager or team leader, encourage people to take time off if unwell and model the behaviour yourself.

When it comes to applying for jobs in Europe, it is generally a good idea to include a professional picture in your CV. When it comes to including a photo with your job application in a foreign country, there may be subtle differences of culture at play. These constitute norms, and will help you ingratiate yourself with a how to list remote work on resume potential employer by showing you ‘get it’. In the US, over 80% of recruiters will not consider your job application if the resume includes a profile photo. (It’s also best to always call it a ‘resume’, not a ‘CV’). Good communication skills are important in any line of work and you will be assessed on these at interview.

Stay up to date with the latest employer insights & events

In most cases, the work can be done remotely, as companies will send the work to be translated electronically. Many work from home on a self-employed basis and may find work on freelancing sites such as Upwork, or through approaching companies and publications directly. Specific qualifications are not necessarily needed but a degree or similar in a relevant subject will help, as will a strong portfolio of work. Writers and editors cover a range of specialisms; they may be responsible for the written content for print and online media, or work on content for radio and television programmes or advertisements.

How much is too much on a resume?

For most job seekers, a one- to two-page resume is sufficient. For those with more extensive experience or accomplishments, they may have three pages. Any more than that is overkill and will quickly lose a hiring manager's attention.

A cover letter is the perfect place to address any gaps in your CV, so use the opportunity to address any concerns the employer might have. Take full advantage of the opportunity to upload your resume to these job search engines too. Pay varies, and may sometimes come in the form of a gift voucher rather than cash, but this can be a useful and flexible way to make some money on the side. You can sign up with companies such as Research Opinions to receive information about opportunities.

Illegal working checks must adapt to the work-from-home age

Increasingly, businesses requiring this support are hiring specialists to work remotely. A virtual assistant provides the same services as a personal assistant but works from home on a self-employed basis. They will usually have a few different clients, and tasks can range from managing email and social media to bookkeeping and planning events.

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How to Write a Tech Resume (With a Sample).

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